Summertime! Time to get a glass of good German beer! This one was taken in a typical Bavarian beer garden in Munich – next to a Church of Scientology.


Young Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India use Volunteer Minister website to download emergency information

Young Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Nick and Erin, spent several weeks in India this year to help teach kids in the slums of Kolkata. Living right in the heart of the city, Erin came down with a bad stomach bug. Even though it is very common for those traveling in India to get sick, illnesses like this can be severe and Erin was suffering from acute dehydration.

“She couldn’t keep down any food,” said Nick. “We called a doctor first and he gave her the medicine she needed but it wasn’t kicking in. So I knew I had to give her a Scientology Assist.”

Scientology Assists are techniques, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, that give people relief when they are suffering from an illness or injury. Done in conjunction with medical treatment, assists can greatly speed healing and recovery time.

“I couldn’t remember how to do one particular Assist, but fortunately we had Internet access,” said Nick. “India’s bizarre like that, we had no hot water but we had Internet access!” said Erin.

“So I went onto the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site,” continued Nick, “found the booklet called ‘Assists for Illnesses and Injuries’, and I downloaded it—straight to the desktop on my laptop! I opened it and started the Assist. Erin’s fever dropped, and she stopped throwing up. I did the Assist two more times in the early morning and the next day she was recovering. I had actually forgotten that these booklets were available online, and was cursing myself for not having my own copy with me. Then I remembered the new website!” he said.

The Scientology Volunteer Minister site provides tools for improving conditions. Free courses are also available through the site so you can learn to apply the information to your own life and those around you.

These free Scientology courses provide help with such things as marriage problems, trouble with relationships, raising children, difficulties on the job and overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. These are self-guided courses, meaning people move through them at their own pace. Each course includes practical exercises where students get hands-on experience in applying the data. The courses are supervised by trained extension course supervisors who ensure the students can use the material and provide feedback, guidance and help where needed.

The hallmark of the Scientology Volunteer Minister, as described by Scientology leader, David Miscavige, is his or her “indiscriminate acts of kindness and compassion.” To contact a Scientology Volunteer Minister visit the web site at

A member of the notorious group Anonymous was charged today with illegal activities against the Church of Scientology websites back in January 2008. It is still unconfirmed that more Anonymous members have either left the country or getting ready to turn themselves in.

– 28 July 1997: Dramatic victory turns tide for Scientology in France –

In a dramatic victory for the Church of Scientology in Europe, the Court of Appeal in Lyon, France, today ruled that Scientology is to be regarded as a religious community and that the sincerity of Scientologists’ religious beliefs is beyond question. The court held that under the French Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights, Scientologists are fully entitled to freely proselytize, to practice their religion and engage in missionary work without governmental restriction.

The Church of Scientology acclaimed the Court’s ruling as a resounding victory for religious freedom in Europe and a major recognition in a country which has seen increasing governmental oppression of religious minorities. The judgment, which is certain to be studied closely by many governments in Europe, reversed a lower court’s ruling which had been widely criticized by religious experts as one of the most oppressive and unconstitutional rulings in recent French history.

The Court acquitted nine Scientologists of criminal charges and canceled or suspended the sentences of all others, while stating that it is impossible to deny Scientologists the principle of religious freedom.

The Reverend Heber C. Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International, said about the Appeals Court’s decision: “This victory is a dream come true for my Church and minority religions, a just reward for the coalition of many religious experts and lawyers who spent days and nights for many months to develop the facts and arguments that won the day.” He stated further that “today’s ruling will have a prominent place among the more than 100 rulings that already exist upholding the religiosity of Scientology.”

“Despite political pressure and hysteria promoting a new inquisition, the court has returned to the French tradition of liberty and equality,” he said. “The judges of the appeals court have seen through the manipulation by fanatics, self-named and discredited ‘experts’ whose sole objective is to destroy religious freedom in that country.”

He added that the judgment is also a lesson for the members of the French Parliamentary Observatory on New Religions and other officials involved in “modern day religious inquisition”. He said, “The Court of Appeal, unlike the Lyon Trial Court, refused to stigmatize a major new religion because of alleged wrongdoing by a few individuals.”

He predicted that the court’s ruling would also help combat religious discrimination against Scientologists in Germany. “Having no grounds for its discrimination against Scientologists, the German government has tried to use the flawed lower court judgement in Lyon to justify its harassment campaign against Scientologists in Germany. By recognizing the religious nature of Scientology, the Court of Appeal in Lyon also dealt a strong blow to German human rights terrorism.”

Scientology was founded by American humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The first church was established in Los Angeles in 1954. In France, Scientology started with one small group in 1959. There are now 40,000 Scientologists in 10 churches in France.

The Church, in addition to its religious ministry, supports many charitable and social programs such as the Narconon program, an international drug rehabilitation program that has successfully freed more than 250,000 people of drugs; Criminon, a criminal rehabilitation program in use in hundreds of correctional facilities; as well as many local and national community outreach programs.

Received today on email. It seems to go out to all kinds of media.

The Church of Scientology International sets the record straight:

    Today’s media statements omit the fact that the German Ministers of Interior conference on Friday did not vote for a motion to instigate procedures to ban Scientology.  Instead, those officials recognized that there is no evidence whatsoever to support such a motion.  Furthermore, Federal Minister of Interior Wolfgang Schauble in an interview with German Radio, also on Friday, conceded that there is no legal basis for such a procedure.

      The false report in today’s media statements stems from a story in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag (and released internationally by the Associated Press) which mischaracterizes the result of the Ministers’ conference and omits the fact that there was no vote on the motion.

    As in the rest of the world, Scientology is an expanding movement in Germany.

    In the last 25 years, there have been over 40 German court decisions acknowledging the Church’s religiosity, including a decision of the Federal Administrative Court. These court decisions have repeatedly validated the rights of the Church of Scientology to operate per Article 4 of the German Constitution, have affirmed that its services are religious, that the Church has the right to disseminate its teachings, that Church staff members are motivated by idealistic and spiritual purposes, and that its fundraising methods are fair and aligned to what is expected of a charitable organization.

    Furthermore, 10 years of OPC surveillance has uncovered absolutely no wrongdoing.

    The suggestion that the OPC not only continue but expand its intrusive and illegal investigation represents a desperate attempt to concoct a justification for a never-ending investigation that wastes millions of taxpayer euros.  There is no evidence of wrongdoing to uncover.

    Since the opening of its major Church in Berlin earlier this year, the religious status of the Church of Scientology has been further acknowledged all over the world.

    On the 24th of September 2007, the European Court of Human Rights  confirmed the Court’s unanimous decision of April 2007 affirming that the Church  of Scientology is entitled to the rights and protections of religious freedom that  flow to religious organizations pursuant to Article 9 of the European Human  Rights Convention.

    The principles enunciated in that decision upheld the religious freedom of Scientologists and their religious associations and apply throughout the forty- seven member states that have signed and ratified the European Human Rights  Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, including Germany.

    On the 31st of October 2007, the National Court in Madrid issued a  landmark decision recognizing that the National Church of Scientology of Spain should be entered in the Registry of Religious Entities as a religion.

    On the 5th of November 2007, the Church of Scientology of Portugal was officially recognized as a religious organization.

    On the 3rd of December 2007, the South African Revenue Service granted the Church of Scientology the status of a Public Benefit Organization as a religious entity with full tax exemption.

    The Scientology religion was founded by L. Ron Hubbard. The first church was established in the United States in 1954.  It has grown to more than 7,500 churches, missions and groups and ten million members in 163 nations.


Well, false news from Germany, what’s new!

Certainly not while driving… But I found it a good idea to amend my usual set of fiction books and magazines with some news about life and livingness! This – you guessed it – for me is a book by L. Ron Hubbard. His books building up to the religion of Scientology have been re-released by Scientology leader David Miscavige just in July this year, right for the holiday season! That’s 18 books, and wow, these are EASY to read! I never thought that. Now I am through the first ones, chronologically up to Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. This man Hubbard , I tell you, had something to say and he was right. You knew that you carry the solution for all your problems right with you, all the time?  Take a Dianetics book and find out!

LEUZE picture

 This month I went to Stuttgart in Germany for a short while on a business trip. This city is build in a “pot” (that’s how they call it and it looks like it), with housing and business lined up on the inside. It gets very hot in there in summer, so if you happen to pass by Stuttgart, I can recommend a visit to the LEUZE mineral bath in the unspeakable district of Untertürkheim (un-tah-turk-eim). It has a waterfall and if you go in the morning it’s not full either.


Ok, I got it! You want travelling pics? You get travelling pics!

I actually had been on the road again for some days visiting a Church of Scientology and took the chance to pick up some nice pictures. But this time I won’t tell you where that is…. Tip: Europe.

May 2007 - Europe